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Hopefully an eclectic mix of things I get up to whilst waiting on work to complete. Right now heavily focussed on how to break tech and hopefully gaining a better understanding of it and thus help people to fix weird breaks. Take note DenverCoder9!

I’m still interested in tech, it was my prior career and I try to keep my knowledge updated in case I venture back into it as a career, it’s always good to have a plan B.

What to expect #

The things I intend to explore (and hopefully write a bit about) are currently:

  • Linux
  • Containers & Kubernetes (specifically breaking k8s as I’m a keen viewer of Klustered)
  • Learning Rust
  • Legal Hacking (i.e. HackTheBox, CTFs, etc.)
  • Debugging Software and Hardware

As there are no comment abilities and I don’t plan on adding any, feel free to tweet/toot at me if you find a bug, my Twitter/Mastodon links are at the bottom of the page with my little avatar image.

Attribution/assets #

Logo and favicon created using

Static site generator (Hugo) and theme (Blowfish) links can be found in the footer.

Images will have attribution added to them, usually from one of the free sites like pexels, pixabay or unsplash. I’m also trying to find some fun images via DuckDuckGo’s image searches with licenses set to be permissive enough for me to use them. If you find one of our images that is not open to reuse, please contact me and I will remove it immediately.

2023 update #

I’ve finally got round to finishing off the new theme’s modifications to a point where I am happy enough with it to use it. I started them in 2022 and just got side-tracked then never came back to finish. Then I was starting blog posts that I didn’t want to post as I needed to finish the theme off. This means there are probably going to be some posts appearing that are new yet are dated 2022 (I might update the date, not quite sure yet). So my posts and the internet archive won’t quite match up, I’m okay with that though.

Cookies (not the fun kind) #

This site has Google Analytics (v4) attached, however the data is not sent to third parties, I only use it to see how many views I’m getting every so often. From what I can see in the analytics dashboard, the data can be drilled down by 2 main categories, Demographics and Tech. I don’t see any personal data on a per user basis, so I have no idea who is viewing this site (which is nice).

Demogrpahics #

This splits the sessions up into countries and even as fine grained as city. There are graphs for gender, interests and age but I have no data in those as the site doesn’t have enough visitors, so Google hide that data to protect everyone from being identified. For more info about that protection, see Google’s help.

Tech #

There is also the ability for me to view graphs on number of users by Operating System, web/mobile, browser and screen resolution. I don’t have any data for App version or device, again most likely due to Google’s Data thresholds protection.

Russell Waite
Russell Waite
Once worked in Tech, now doing something else.