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Sherlock Holmes (from the BBC series title Sherlock) outside 221B Baker Street, wearing a light grey variant of the infamous deerstalker hat with the ear guards tied up, and his fantastic dark tweed trench coat
Start debugging in Neovim
·1209 words·6 mins
This will show you how I’ve setup Neovim to allow me to debug using the DAP protocol and using the code-lldb debugger which has some nice extensions to make the output seem more familiar to Rust developers.
Mexican Firecracker flower, either not fully in bloom yet or it's early and the flower is still sleeping. Vivid Orange petals all wrapped up like a burrito but look like little fireballs with a tail sprouting out of the flower's head. It's reminiscent of a firework at it's most beautiful, showering colour across the night sky. The background of the photo is dark, full of dark green leaves and shadows, making the orange flowers dazzle, a banquet for bees
Firecracker FreeBSD
·2728 words·13 mins
Creating a rootfs for a Firecracker FreeBSD VM, this is a quick and dirty approach to get something bootable.
An American pool ball, the number 13, which is white with an orange stripe. Sat on a green background but it doesn't look like a pool table. The ball has seen some things, there are scratch marks on it, I'm guessing it's been off the table more than once.
All Neovim modes
·343 words·2 mins
A short explanation of all 13 modes of Neovim, yes thirteen, that wasn’t a typo.