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Superman from Man of Steel movie, he's on the right, looking off at something out of frame, behind him is a frozen landscape that stretches to the horizon, with a slightly cloudy sky but with the sun shining through causing a lens flare. Superman's red cape dances wih the wind, like it was laundry being dried, pinned to superman's shoulders... the ultimate clothes horse
·2060 words·10 mins
How to get help without switching to a browser and relying on the internet
It's a Star Trek image, from the Next Generation series. Geordie, sporting what is most likely the 100+ gen edition of Apple Vision Pro, and probably costing as much as the Enterprise, is working on some gadget that is connected into the back of Data's head. Yes I know that sounds gruesome, I'm sorry, Data seems fine with it, or at the very least doesn't care. In the background is another member of the engineering team that will never get any credit as all the great things that happen in this show are only achieved by main characters and you never see those limelight hogging good for nothings ever give out credit to others. Other than the space ships, the future seems a lot like the present, people are still jailbreaking androids to make them better. Side note, the bridge always looks so very clean yet you never see cleaners go in and tidy things up, I guess the cleaners only have bridge access when Picard calls a team briefing in his office
Klustered: The second Rawkode vs Community edition
·3082 words·15 mins
My experience breaking a kubernetes cluster for David and Marek to fix on Klustered, tricks and technical foolery ensue.
The Arc de Triomphe at night, cars whizz past leaving trails of light and showing that the France has an obsession with making roads with ten lanes too many, just to put off foreigners. It's an unusual angle of one of the most famous sites in the world, we can see the famous face but also the side which has a smaller arch, there are arches all over the thing. The photo was taken at night and there is either a massive black blanket covering the sky or there is so much light pollution that the camera is failing to pick up that the night sky has stars in it. Considering the angle of the shot and some of the background showing behind the monument, I think we'd need a one mile square black blanket, that's pretty infeasible. The building (is it a building, I think I heard there are rooms within it) it lit in a warm yellow light which does a great job of accenting the intricate sculpting that parts of the archway has. très bien.
Trying Out BlackArch
·591 words·3 mins
A beginners quick evaluation of BlackArch, a penetration testing Linux distribution.
A big Scottish Highland cow and a smaller one, probably a mum and her calf. The mum cow has horns (I looked it up, female and males both have horns) and is about 1.5 times bigger than the little one.They both have teddy bear like brown fur and are looking directly at you, probably wondering if you have any nice food for them. In the background, the lush green field, scattered with at least 5 more Highland cows, works it's way uphill to a white farmhouse that is encircled by a privacy wall of trees, with a hill peaking over the horizon in the distance. It looks to be a nice day with a light blue sky and only a hint of clouds
Resize Btrfs Drive
·584 words·3 mins
Quick guide to growing a btrfs filesystem in a qcow2 file for Qemu VMs.
Scene from the film 'The Imitation Game' with 3 people, one of them Alan Turing, stood with their backs to us as they stare at the huge computer with maybe over 100 dials all set at different values and red cables fed around the top of computer, leading up to the ceiling. Everyone seems to be looking at the machine in deep thought, probably wondering why it isn't working.
Initial Commit - Klustered #20
·2641 words·13 mins
My experience appearing on Klustered for the first time as a fixer.