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Mexican Firecracker flower, either not fully in bloom yet or it's early and the flower is still sleeping. Vivid Orange petals all wrapped up like a burrito but look like little fireballs with a tail sprouting out of the flower's head. It's reminiscent of a firework at it's most beautiful, showering colour across the night sky. The background of the photo is dark, full of dark green leaves and shadows, making the orange flowers dazzle, a banquet for bees
Firecracker FreeBSD
·2728 words·13 mins
Creating a rootfs for a Firecracker FreeBSD VM, this is a quick and dirty approach to get something bootable.
The Arc de Triomphe at night, cars whizz past leaving trails of light and showing that the France has an obsession with making roads with ten lanes too many, just to put off foreigners. It's an unusual angle of one of the most famous sites in the world, we can see the famous face but also the side which has a smaller arch, there are arches all over the thing. The photo was taken at night and there is either a massive black blanket covering the sky or there is so much light pollution that the camera is failing to pick up that the night sky has stars in it. Considering the angle of the shot and some of the background showing behind the monument, I think we'd need a one mile square black blanket, that's pretty infeasible. The building (is it a building, I think I heard there are rooms within it) it lit in a warm yellow light which does a great job of accenting the intricate sculpting that parts of the archway has. très bien.
Trying Out BlackArch
·591 words·3 mins
A beginners quick evaluation of BlackArch, a penetration testing Linux distribution.
A big Scottish Highland cow and a smaller one, probably a mum and her calf. The mum cow has horns (I looked it up, female and males both have horns) and is about 1.5 times bigger than the little one.They both have teddy bear like brown fur and are looking directly at you, probably wondering if you have any nice food for them. In the background, the lush green field, scattered with at least 5 more Highland cows, works it's way uphill to a white farmhouse that is encircled by a privacy wall of trees, with a hill peaking over the horizon in the distance. It looks to be a nice day with a light blue sky and only a hint of clouds
Resize Btrfs Drive
·584 words·3 mins
Quick guide to growing a btrfs filesystem in a qcow2 file for Qemu VMs.